Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases: Latest Cases Tried and Tested

Griffin Survivor Clear

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Griffin’s Survivor range usually offer a rugged, bulky form of smartphone protection, but the Survivor Clear is one of the slimmest so you don’t have to look like you are carrying around a small brick in your pocket.

It’s a polycarbonate case with a clear back, so the S5 dimpled back shines through. There’s also a TPE rubber trim around the edges of the case where the corners are more reinforced. There’s all the necessary cut outs and raised surfaces for standby and volume rocker are easy to press. Griffin claims the construction can withstand a 6-foot drop and is engineered to withstand bone-shaking vibration.

While we didn’t drop the Survivor Clear with the S5 in tow from 6 feet, we did try knocking it off from a table a few times and we can confirm it did survive. That’s obviously not the same but let’s be honest, that’s going to be a more likely scenario. There’s a lack of a screen protector or a raised bezel so if you drop it on the screen we’d have our doubts if it would survive the fall. We really liked the car tyre-like trim, though, which makes the case nice to grip and compensates for the glossy, slightly slippery back.

It’s the slimmest pick of the bulky Survivor bunch and the raised corners should help offer a nice layer of protection even if the screen is left exposed. For £20, it’s a good value option that doesn’t entirely hide away the S5’s design.

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At time of review the Griffin Survivor Clear was available for £19.99.