Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases: Latest Cases Tried and Tested


If you’ve just got a Samsung Galaxy S5 or you’re thinking about upgrading to one, here are some of the best Galaxy S5 cases and covers to keep your Android handset looking pristine.

In our Samsung Galaxy S5 review, we rated the Galaxy S4’s successor very highly. The screen is superb, the battery life’s excellent and it has a versatile camera.

It might seem a little plasticky compared to the metal HTC One M8 or the glassy Xperia Z2, and it’s a little long in the tooth compared to Apple’s iPhone 6, but the Galaxy S5 still offers enough smartphone goodness to want to keep it well protected.

Samsung makes its own cases, such as the S View and the Flip Wallet, but manufacturers such as Otterbox, Incipio, Tech21 and Griffin also offer a load of different cases to wrap around the S5.

When you’re considering a Galaxy S5 case, it’s important to consider which of the phone’s features you’re going to use most. Do you want easy access to the fingerprint sensor? Do you want to be able to charge or take photos without taking your mobile out of its case?

We’ve snapped, squeezed and clipped a plethora of cases to see which are best suited to various needs.