Best Samsung Galaxy phones

Trying to find the best Samsung Galaxy phone to buy? We compare and pick out the best Samsung Galaxy S4 spin-offs to find you the perfect Samsung-manufactured Android phone.

Since launching the first Galaxy smartphone back in 2009, Samsung has been busy building on its successful return to phone-making by swelling the Galaxy ranks to Jackson family-like proportions.

You can now get an Android and TouchWiz running handset in so many different guises we’ve actually lost count. Whether you yearn for compact camera quality pictures or want to take your smartphone underwater, Samsung has been trying to offer a solution for every need.

Inevitably, some do the job better than others. We probably wouldn’t recommend the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 or the more wallet-friendly Samsung Galaxy Fame for instance. If you are sold on what Samsung has to offer but struggling to make your way through the ever expanding Galaxy universe, we’ve picked the best Samsung Galaxy smartphones to look out for.