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Best PS Vita Games 2016


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Developer: Llamasoft

Yet another take on the classic Tempest formula from the boundless imagination of veteran programmer Jeff Minter – he’s already revisited the 1981 coin-op on the Atari Jaguar and PlayStation – TxK is just one of many excellent download titles we’ve seen on the Vita this year. It may look like a throwback to the days when wireframe visuals were the biggest draw in town, but Minter’s mind-melting graphics have much more impact when you see them in motion, and the pumping soundtrack – another Minter hallmark – complements the on-screen carnage perfectly.

The controls are perfect and the game repeatedly tests your skill, with the allure of beating your previous high score more than enough incentive to play this for many weeks to come. TxK is irrefutable proof that twitch, arcade-style gameplay never goes out of fashion, and is an essential purchase when you consider its low price.

Price: £5.79