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Best PS Vita Games 2016

Samurai Warriors 4

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Developer: Omega Force

The success of Koei Tecmo’s Warriors series is usually limited to its Japanese homeland, but with The Legend of Zelda crossover Hyrule Warriors bringing the franchise to the attention of a hitherto untapped audience, there’s a good chance that mainline instalments could end up getting more exposure in the west. Samurai Warriors 4 is as good an entry to pick up as any, and this Vita version retains the chaotic playability of the PS4 and PS3 editions.

There are over 50 characters to play as, each feeling like a one-man army as you chew your way through hundreds upon hundreds of enemies with your swirling attacks. Controlling the battlefield isn’t just about taking down opponents, though – you’ll need to dominate fortresses and plan your attacks to ensure that your allies aren’t left exposed. As an added bonus, Samurai Warriors 4 boasts cross-save capability, so you can transfer your progress from the home version to the handheld edition, and back again.

Price: £34.99