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Best PS Vita Games 2016

Freedom Wars

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Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment

The PS Vita has become home to a raft of top-notch Japanese RPGs, and Freedom Wars was one of the most high-profile examples from 2014. Unlike your typical fantasy epic, it’s set in a bleak, dystopian future where teens are given million year prison sentences and are expected to whittle down that number by battling rival city states and winning valuable resources.

Imagine Hunger Games crossed with Capcom’s Monster Hunter series and you’ve got a fair approximation of what Freedom Wars is all about. Success in battle earns you perks and upgrades, and the combat engine does an excellent job of making sure that ranged and close-quarters fighting are equally thrilling. The whole package is rounded off by some excellent, edgy visuals and great audio. 8-person multiplayer allows you to reduce your sentence even faster with a little help from your friends, which makes Freedom Wars feel even more akin to Monster Hunter – and given the continued absence of Capcom’s series on the Vita, that’s certainly a good thing.

Price: £19.99