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Vax Power Wash Complete 3

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Review price: £199.99

Key features:

  • 180 bar max pressure
  • 510 l/h max flow rate
  • 8.8kg weight

What is the Vax Power Wash Complete 3?

The Vax Power Wash Complete 3 is a pressure washer with all mod cons. It comes not just with a trigger handle, two lances, three nozzles and a patio washer – all pretty standard issue – but also with two extra brushes: one for the car and another that’s multipurposed. It’s also bundled with two bags of detergent. You can pour these into a bottle or just mix them up with water in the bags themselves.

Assembly requires two screws. The machine’s design is tall and slim, so it takes up a bit less floor space than most. It’s tall enough that there’s no telescopic handle – the handle is just at the top of the machine. Despite the large number of tools, you can store everything onboard. You can even keep the patio washer attached when the lance is clipped to the machine.

The downside of the height is that the hose reel is high up. This becomes a problem when you give it a tug, with the machine toppling over far too easily. I also found the reel design to be poor, getting in a tangle all too easily.

One lance is for the three nozzles – power, turbo and fan jet – all of which work well. The other lance works with the patio cleaner and brushes. The patio cleaner is effective but unusually you can’t control its power.

The brushes are excellent, though, with the car one proving especially useful for working away dirt, with or without detergent. Use the brush with the lance and you have a long reach for quickly cleaning even the largest vehicles. I did think having two lances was daft, though. Why not have a single lance that’s compatible with all the tools? Or two lances that can be used together for a longer reach, like Kärcher’s pressure washers have?

Should I buy the Vax Power Wash Complete 3?

You get a lot of accessories for your money, but I found the hose reel issues too annoying. You’d be better off with a more compact design that doesn’t keep toppling over and tangling.

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