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Best Pressure Washers

Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Home

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Review price: £569.99

Key features:

  • 160 bar max pressure
  • 600 l/h max flow rate
  • 18.3kg weight (without accessories)

What is the Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Home?

The Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Home is a top-of-the-range pressure washer. The design is similar to the Kärcher K4 Full Control Home, but it’s bigger and heavier. And, unlike with the K4, there’s no self-assembly required.

It’s more powerful than the K4, but it also has a few additional features. First, there’s its impressive hose reel. Most manufactures put these on top, near the handle, but the problem with that is that yanking the hose makes the machine topple over. By positioning the hose reel lower down, the K7 is instantly more stable than most.

The second noticeable difference is the improved patio washer. It has a pointy front for getting into edges and corners, and there are two big buttons on top that you can tap with your foot – one for normal patio washing and the other for a concentrated jet at the front corner. Impressive. The patio washer also has a knob to vary cleaning power. I found that even its lightest setting was very effective.

Finally, you can use it with water at anything up to 60°C, whereas most pressure washers top out at 40°. This means, in theory, that you can use it with your hot tap. In practice, not many people have outdoor hot taps.

Apart from these three points, the design is very similar to the K4’s. It comes with a similar array of accessories, and it also has an illuminated power indicator on the trigger handle. My only design criticism is that there’s nowhere dedicated to storing the power cable. You could bundle the cable into the net at the back, but I was using that to store tools.

The one thing I love most about both Kärcher models is that they each come with two lances which can be joined together to create a double-length lance. This extra reach is sometimes invaluable.

Should I buy the Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Home?

The K7 is undoubtedly the best pressure washer I’ve tested. However, it’s impossible to justify it costing twice as much as the Kärcher K4, and so it loses a star purely in terms of value for money.

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At time of review the AKG N60 was available for £569.99.