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Best Pressure Washers

Bosch AQT 45-14X

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Review price: £279.99

Key features:

  • 140 bar max pressure
  • 450 l/h max flow rate
  • 22kg weight

What is the Bosch AQT 45-14X?

The Bosch AQT 45-14X is quite literally a heavyweight pressure washer. It doesn’t look huge, but it’s dense. Pull up its telescopic handle to wheel it around and you’re reminded of pulling a suitcase through the airport, with the creeping realisation that you’re going to get charged for excess baggage.

There’s no assembly required and you get plenty of tools. It comes with a trigger handle, lance, two nozzles, and two more nozzles that are on their own lances. There’s a detergent tank at the back and a reel for the hose, but nowhere to stow the power cable.

It also comes with a patio washer which I found effective, if a bit disappointing on edges and corners. The design has a point at the front, so it’s tempting to assume that it should be good at corners, but it seems to be no more effective than a round patio washer.

There’s enough space to store the lances on board, but not the patio washer. There’s also easily accessible space at the back to stow the nozzles, although I found attaching them there to be problematic. You’re supposed to clip the nozzles into place, but this takes a lot of force. Too much force.

The two nozzles with lances are a rotary power wash and an adjustable fan jet nozzle. Both were good for washing the car, but beware the power of the fan jet nozzle before you set it to maximum. I went from washing the car to taking off a bit of paintwork. Admittedly it was only touch-up paint that was over a rust spot, but it was still a heart-in-mouth moment.

The two smaller nozzles are a flat spray, which was good at lifting algae from brickwork without being powerful enough to damage the mortar, plus a 90° nozzle that I just couldn’t find a decent use for. It’s billed as being ideal for hard-to-reach places like wheel arches and guttering. At the end of a lance, it demonstrates the sheer power of this pressure washer – turn it on and the lance really tries to fly in the opposite direction to the water jet.

Should I buy the Bosch AQT 45-14X?

This is a strong pressure washer for strong people, thanks to its weight and ability to strip paint if you’re not careful. But there are better models available for the same price.

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At time of review the Bosch AQT 45-14X was available for £279.99.