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TP-LINK AV600 3-Port Gigabit Kit

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Best Powerline Adapters: Best-Value AV600 Kit

Key Features:

  • Three Ethernet ports per adapter
  • AV 600 standard
  • Compact design

The TP-Link AV600 3-port gigabit kit has simply the most compact, and dare we say stylish, adapters of any Powerline kit we’ve seen. Despite packing in three Ethernet ports on each adapter they still only measure 103 x 58 x 40mm. We also rather like the sloping, angular design.

We also like that this is a kit where there are three ports on both adapters, allowing you to forgo having an extra network-switch next to your router if you have many devices nearby (think TV, cable box, several games consoles, Apple TV, etc) as well as the other adapter saving space elsewhere in the house too.

One thing these adapters clearly lack, though, is a power pass-through, so you’ll need a couple of spare plug sockets to use this kit – and remember they should be wall sockets not on an extension.

What further impresses with this kit is its speed. Its transfer rate of 13.1MB/s is second only to the Devolo kit and clearly makes an argument for opting for AV600 tech over AV500.

All this and the price is very competitive. This kit can be found for just £60 making it a real performance bargain.

Buy Now at from £74.99 (newer model)

At time of review the TP-LINK AV600 3-Port Gigabit Kit was available for £60