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D-Link Powerline AV500 Passthrough Kit (DHP-P309AV/B)

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Best Powerline Adapters: Cheap Passthrough Kit

Key Features:

  • Power pass-through on both adapters
  • Space-saving design
  • AV500 standard

If you’re simply after a speedy and hassle-free Powerline setup, the D-Link Powerline AV500 Pass-through kit is a reasonable bet, if performance isn’t a priority.

This kit offers a single Ethernet connection and a power pass-through socket on each fairly compact adapter. The result is a kit that takes up minimal space and won’t use up any plug sockets – just the sort of setup for a fixed home office PC that’s already overflowing with mains extensions. The adapters themselves are rather attractive little units too.

The only downside here is performance. With it using the AV500 standard we expected this kit to deliver the ~10MBs of other AV500 kits, but it could only muster up 5.2MB/s, which is actually worse than the AV200 Netgear Music Extender over on the next page. Despite our best efforts we couldn’t improve this figure across this modest test distance, though of course mileage may vary.

Nonetheless, for £40, this is a decent little entry-level kit for those that don’t need the bells and whistles and only require a modest length connection. There’s also a £35 version without the passthrough sockets, the DHP-P309AV.

Buy Now at from £40 (newer model)

At time of review the D-Link Powerline AV500 Passthrough Kit  was available for £40.