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NZXT S340 Razer

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Key Features:

  • Stylish Razer design
  • Tinted side window
  • Excellent cooling and noise performance
  • Illuminated front logo and under-case lighting

NZXT has teamed up with peripheral manufacturer Razer to create a number of cases, and the S340 is the pair’s midi-tower effort.

Priced at around £75, it’s one of the more expensive cases on test, and it shows. It’s finished in a fantastic matte-black paint that looks much classier than the more typical varieties used to cover just about every other case on test.

The general shape of the case, the tinted side window, and the illuminated front logo and under-lighting all add to the sense of this case being worth every penny, even if the over-the-top lighting isn’t to your taste.

The steel used in the case’s construction feels markedly thicker than most other models here, giving the whole unit a reassuring solidity. However, build quality isn’t perfect.

That matte-paint finish chips and scratches far easier than more conventional finishes, and simply removing the screws that attach the side panels resulted in all the paint under the screws being chipped off. If you’re careful and don’t believe you’ll be spending too much time dismantling and rebuilding this case then it should be fine. Serious tinkerers, however, may find it simply doesn’t stand up to regular abuse.

Like many of the cases on test, the S340 Razer has no 5.25in mounts for optical drives. As a result, if you’d like to include a CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive in your build then you’ll have to look elsewhere.

As such, the entire front of the case is clean of any interruptions. The power button, a couple of USB 3.0 ports and headphone and microphone jacks are positioned on the top.

That front section can be removed, however, and behind it is a mount for up to a two-fan radiator, with an integrated removable dust filter; fitting our Corsair H100i was a cinch.

Otherwise, the S340 sports a mostly conventional midi-tower layout on the inside, with the motherboard top-left, power supply bottom-left and hard drives on the bottom-right of the case.

However, covering the latter two is a metal shroud. This is a great way to hide the mess of cables from the PSU and generally keep those unsightly components hidden.

To install the PSU and hard drives it will be necessary to remove the rear panel. There’s also only room for two 3.5in drives, while there are two more 2.5in mounts for SSDs on the top side of that shroud – both can be removed if desired.

Overall, installation is fairly easy, bar having to squeeze in that PSU round the back. Thanks to the clever shrouds, however, cable management is simple; it’s easy to create a great-looking installation with little effort.

Cooling is provided by a 120mm fan in the back and another 120mm in the top, with both pulling hot air from the case – there are no fans forcing cold air in. This arrangement leaves that whole front fan/radiator mount section free to add in components of your choice. Note that if you’re not using any extra cooling then I’d recommend moving the top fan to that front section, since this will keep a steady stream of cool air flowing directly at the CPU and GPU.

Even without this tweak to the cooling layout, the S340 performs well when it comes to keeping the temperature from rising. Under load it was comfortably in the top half of the table, with the CPU hitting 73 degrees and the GPU 77 degrees.

What’s more, it was the quietest case on test, no doubt a result of decent cooling performance, quality fans and that thicker steel. From the front it hit just 39.6dB, while the side was a little louder at 40.4dB.

The NZXT S340 Razer is an all-round fantastic midi-tower case. It’s stylish, easy to build a system with, and offers good cooling. It’s not dripping with features and the paint job isn’t ideal for those that treat their systems roughly, but the overall build quality and design make it well worth the money.

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At time of review the NZXT S340 Razer was available for £74.99.