Best password manager: Four safe and secure password managers


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Key features:

  • Free tier stores passwords on a single device
  • RoboForm Everywhere priced at around £15
  • Applications for Windows, Android, iOS and Windows Phone

The free version of RoboForm’s cross-platform password manager works on only a single device. For the ability to sync your passwords across multiple phones and computers, you’ll have to pay $19.95 (around £15) for RoboForm Everywhere. Although RoboForm does its job well enough, it isn’t as polished and easy to use as rivals LastPass and Dashlane.

Its browser plugins aren’t tied to any particular operating system and let you search for, browse and launch sites whose credentials you’ve stored. They can automatically log you into sites; save, update and generate passwords; fill forms; save bookmarks, and can create a custom browser start page for easy access to your favourite sites.

There’s also a slightly clumsy Windows desktop app, where you can edit and browse your desktop and online passwords, personal data, automatic form-fill information, contact lists and secure notes, which are essentially text files that you’d rather keep under lock and key.

The service supports basic two-factor authentication, the ability to securely share logins via email, and a password strength-assessment tool.

RoboForm’s mobile apps are first and foremost secure mobile browsers that helpfully auto-suggest websites for which you have stored passwords when you start typing into the URL bar. They can auto-fill app passwords and let you use a PIN to open them.