Best password manager: Four safe and secure password managers


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Key features:

  • Free tier available for syncing between browsers or smartphone apps
  • Premium priced at around £9 a year
  • Applications for Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Firefox OS

LastPass is our favourite password manager, thanks to its very competitive price of just $12 (around £9) a year, broad cross-platform support, and a free version that provides unlimited syncing across any given type of device. The Premium version will sync between both computers and mobile devices, and adds extra options to LastPass Free’s already very capable dual-factor authentication.

You’ll probably want to reconfigure LastPass’s default settings to make it more secure when you set it up, but it has plenty of features to help you stay safe. These include duplicate password alerts, a security challenge to assess password strength, and alerts if a site you use has suffered a breach.

Extra settings allow you to remove duplicate entries, securely store your credit card details and form-fill preferences, and write secure notes for your reference. There’s also an optional Windows application can store passwords for desktop software.

The mobile version duplicates the key features of its desktop counterpart, and you can configure it to auto-fill passwords into apps, including other browsers, or use its own secure integrated browser. You can also use a PIN to unlock its local copy of your password vault.