Best password manager: Four safe and secure password managers



Key features:

  • Free and open source
  • Plenty of apps and extensions
  • Great for those with a penchant for DIY computing

KeePass and its compatible applications can together form the most secure password management system available. They’re free, too, but setting them up is far more involved than paid-for, commercial applications. As a result, most users are likely to prefer the ease of online services such as LastPass.

KeePass Password Safe was originally designed for Windows but now runs on Linux and macOS too, while other KeePass-compatible utilities let you use the same password file in multiple browsers and on Android and iOS apps.

Unless you want to use a separate password file on each device, you’ll have to take responsibility for storing and synchronising it. The most secure approach is to use a personal cloud server such as ownCloud, while the easiest is to put your encrypted password file on Dropbox and sync it to all your devices.

The KeePass desktop application’s many features include a password importer, secure password generator, duplicate entry detector and support for a huge range of approved third-party plugins, from automatic cloud service integration to auto-fill tools for specific applications.

Mobile device users can choose from a number of KeePass-compatible apps: we’re fans of MiniKeePass for iOS and Keepass2Android Password Safe, both of which support a range of cloud storage services.