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Tomodachi Life

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Last year’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf brought legions of new fans to the 3DS with its charming visuals, endearing characters and incredibly addictive gameplay, and this year Nintendo tried to perform the same trick with Tomodachi Life, a title which is perhaps best described as a modern version of those old Tamagotchi ‘Virtual Pet’ keyrings from the ’90s.
Using the Mii characters you’ve created on your 3DS – and those you’ve encountered via StreetPass – Tomodachi Life creates a miniature soap opera on your console. Characters interact with one another, form friendships, fall out, go for lunch and even get married, all with your help (or, if you’re feeling devilish, hindrance). There’s a seemingly endless selection of cut-scenes and conversations to have, some of which are genuinely bizarre and comical.
Best experienced in short bursts over a prolonged period, Tomodachi Life is quite unlike any other game on the 3DS, and to pass it up is to miss one of the most amusing releases of 2014 on any platform.
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At time of review Tomodachi Life was available for £39.99.