Best 3DS Games 2017


Many of you will be put off by the fact you’ve never played a Monster Hunter game before. But, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is a little different. Capcom has cleverly disassembled the core components of the game and reassembled them in a way that’s much more welcoming to Monster Hunter novices and makes it the best in the series.
There’s still a huge number of monsters to take down and terrain to explore, but there are new features such as the ability to climb and mount the critters from above.
It’s a vast, vast game and each location offers you a slew of missions that will stretch your abilities with brand new monsters, teaching you how to get to grips with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s complex systems. That includes fourteen different weapon classes, new cooking systems and more.
It’s an utterly addictive single-player game and there’s the seamless local and online co-op to get involved with too.
We haven’t even mentioned that this is one of the best-looking games available on 3DS right now.

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At time of review Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was available for £34.99.