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Best 3DS Games 2017


It’s not often that the call goes out for Link to save the world, let alone a small pack of three little Links. But Triforce Heroes is just one such occasion.
Laid out in the 2.5D, top-down style of A Link Between Worlds, you’re just one of a three-elf team in Triforce Heroes, and every puzzle and encounter you’ll come across is based around teamwork.
You powers extend beyond the ability to weild a sword this time around too. You can pick up other characters to form part of a two or three-man totem stack, as well as throwing them from the stack to reach new areas.
This is crucial, as you’ll need to cross gaps, hit targetrs of varying heights with your arrows, bombs or fireballs.
It’s all about understanding your abilities and the environment. And completel a task is a thoroughly rewarding affair.
But, be warned, it’s a game that you need to play with mates rather than a random squad.
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At time of review Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes was available for £25.99.