Best Moto G cases to buy

Orzly Fusion Case for Moto G

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Key features:

  • Transparent rear
  • Adds little bulk
  • Low cost

Plastic and rubber cases for phones are generally pretty similar, but the Orzly fusion takes a slightly different approach to most. It’s a bit like the bumper cases Apple made for the iPhone 5, with a black outer rubber part that protects the Moto G from impacts.

However, it also has a layer of acrylic on the back, which stops the rear of the phone from getting scratched. It’s transparent too, so the Motorola Moto G look is kept more-or-less in-tact.

It is not a luxury case, though, and does make the side controls – the volume buttons – a bit trickier to operate. On the plus side, it costs just £7, making it cheaper than one of Motorola’s replacement shells.

Price: £6.99