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What is Vyke?

Do we really need another Voice Over IP service? When it’s as smart as Vyke, we just might. You can call landlines, mobiles, and other Vyke users, but its best feature is the ability to assign new mobile phone numbers to yourself. This means that you can have multiple phone numbers without having to juggle multiple SIM cards.

What’s good?

Set-up for this internet communication service is similarly easy to WhatsApp. You get texted an activation code, and you’re away.

From there it’s a matter of adding up to four separate numbers, and the first one is completely free. You’ll have to pay 99p each for the others, and you’ll also need to buy Vyke credit if you want to text and call.

Texts in the UK cost 3.23p, calls to mobiles cost 4p per minute, and calls to landlines cost 1.10p per minute. These obviously vary according to country, but international rates are often cheaper than the Skype equivalents.

Finding contacts who use Vyke is a doddle, as they will be highlighted in your contacts list. You can call such ones for free.
We appreciated the ability turn your numbers off and on, so you can simply give out a specific number to certain parties and completely mute that number at certain times.

All in all, the developers of Vyke have really thought about what modern VoIP users might need, making it feel like a fully formed and vital app.

What’s bad?

However you paint it, extra internet numbers still aren’t quite as useful as a real second SIM that can use mobile networks for voice calling.

I also encountered a rare glitch in that I couldn’t send a text using one of my newly added extra numbers, and all I got by way of an explanation was a brief message saying something like ‘text message cannot be sent’. Weird.

Finally there’s the simple fact that at this point very few people will be using Vyke, which means you won’t benefit from free calls as much as, say, Skype users.


The ability to add extra numbers is a great addition to the VoIP app package. Cheap international calls and fine control over individual numbers add to the appeal of this fresh communication app.

Score: 9/10 | Price: Free | In-app purchases? Yes | Download Vyke