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What is Snapseed?

If you want to edit your photos after shooting them, and need a bit more power than the iPhone’s inbuilt editor provides, you can’t go wrong with Snapseed. It’s actually owned up Google these days too, injecting a bit more tech giant competition on your mobile.

This isn’t about hardcore photo editing, just sprucing up your mobile shots to give them that bit more punch to earn a few more Facebook or Instagram plaudits.

What’s good?

Snapseed totally gets the way people edit their photos on-the-fly. It’s tuned into quick gestures, all of which are designed to be done with a lone thumb working in all directions. As such it’s not for supreme technophobes, but as long as you know one end of iOS from another, you’ll find it very quick indeed.

The range of filters on offer is great too, and they are split up pretty intuitively. The first screen gets you pretty standard modifications of things like contrast, brightness and so on. These kinds of changes will let you alter the punchiness and vividness of your shots without really changing their character too dramatically. No-one’s going to accuse you of being a hipster if you stick with the first set of mods.

Down below is where we get the heavy-duty stuff. We’re talking extreme HDR, lens blur, vintage filters, noir-y stuff and more. It’s not for everyone, but the great thing about Snapseed is that it’s all quality stuff. And it’s for adults. There’s no clipart nonsense or ridiculous clip art picture frames going on here.

And unlike so many other photo editing apps, there are no in-app purchases. Hurrah.

What’s bad?

There’s very little to dislike about Snapseed unless you don’t get on with its swipe-happy interface. However, you’ll also need to make peace with its limitations.

If you want to draw an object onto your photos or write text on them, those are things you can’t do here. It’s just not what Snapseed is about. Like the best Google tools, it’s simple and pure, rather than trying to do everything?

Price: Free | In-app purchases: No | Download