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Best iPhone Apps: 16 of the best apps for iPhone


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What’s Runkeeper?

If you’re a serious runner, you need a GPS-enabled app to accurately track your routes, your personal bests and how your speed modulates throughout your run. Runkeeper is among the very best running apps, and it’s free to use.

What’s good?

Runkeeper is pretty terrific all-round. If anything its name undersells it, as there are different modes for cycling, hiking, rowing, swimming and more. As these all rely on GPS for their tracking, on a fundamental level the exact exercise is academic.

There are even ‘stopwatch’ modes that help you track exercise that can’t be monitored using GPS. We’re talking primarily about gym exercises like spinning, elliptical and weight training. This means you can pretty much feed all your exercise through Runkeeper.

This is a serious app, and it gets even more serious if you upgrade to the Elite version. This gives you access to loads more workout plans that will guide you through weeks of exercise, whether you’re training for a marathon or are just looking to lose a bit of belly flab.

You get access to some basic workout plans for free, too.

Not everyone want to go that deep, of course, and we like that Runkeeper get you right into the action. The first screen you see is the one that lets you start a run: no messing.

There’s also integration with both your music library and Spotify Premium, letting you stream music right from the app to let any voice notifications sit naturally alongside your tunes.

The bad?

Spotify integration isn’t much use if you sign up to Deezer or Rdio, and for those you’ll need to run the appropriate app in the background. It’s not going to work too well when Runkeeper’s voice prompts kick in.

This also isn’t really the best app to use for all your exercise if you’re going to spend a lot of time in the gym. Runkeeper excels at GPS-based tracking, basically giving you a stopwatch for other kinds of activity. Then again, who said all your exercise has to go through one app?

Our final niggle is that at times Runkeeper can seem a bit heavy handed about promoting the Elite subscription. And it’s no small investment at £7.99 a month, or £29.99 a year.

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