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Best iPhone Apps: 16 of the best apps for iPhone


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What is Pocket?

Pocket is one of the most popular ways of saving online content for later, offline reading.

What’s good?

Pocket’s interface is very attractive, and its cross-platform nature means that it’s a better way of saving content offline than Apple’s own Reading List if you also own an Android device.

We also really liked the reading experience of saved articles on Pocket, often preferring it to the source websites themselves.

Pocket also now provides article recommendations should you be short of something to read, though there’s no shortage of such custom magazine apps out there.

What’s bad?

It would be nice to have a few options when it comes to organising your stories. At present, they just slot into chronological order, and there’s no way to mark or save particularly interesting stories.


Pocket has been making tube, train and plane journeys a lot more bearable thanks to its offline story-saving facility. It’s also a great tool for when you find something interesting online but simply don’t have time to read it. It’s one of those essential apps that will follow you from device to device over the years.

Score: 9/10 | Price: Free | In-app purchases? Yes | Download Pocket