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What is News360?

News aggregation is the name of the game here. News360 takes stories from the web based on topics you pick and flings them towards your eyes, formatted in a way that’s totally suited to the iPhone’s screen.

It’s a great way to get a relaxed news update on the way to work. Or, errr, on the toilet.

What’s good?

News360 knows how to format news stories so they look great on your iPhone. When browsing for a story, you never see more than a couple on-screen at once and they have the visual pop of the very prettiest websites, while making the headline very clear.

The stories themselves are thoroughly reworked too, providing a consistent look with magazine-style justification of text, a classy-looking font and no zooming in or out required. It’s all very relaxing.

The idea is that you’ll eventually settle on a few favourite topics to let News360 make a digital magazine you can just flick through every day. However, it uses a tagging system throughout that lets you easily skip to a specific topic. Everything’s funnelled into a specific style, but it’s not too restrictive.  

What’s bad?

There is a level of curation you can’t kill in News360. This is not an RSS feed app, so if your favourite sites aren’t part of the app’s roster, you may end up feeling like you’re missing out.

Generally, News360 packs-in content from the biggest websites, and not always that many of them per topic. So you may end up getting news from a relatively limited number of sources compared to  what you’d get browsing through Chrome.

There’s also no way to customise how many story headlines show up on the screen. You just don’t get that much control, so it’s game over if you don’t get on with how it rolls.?

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