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Best iPhone Apps: 16 of the best apps for iPhone

iTunes U

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What is iTunes U?

Designed for students and teachers, iTunes U is an educational app packed with a wide range of subject matter, courses and news. Apple claims it’s a handy resource for both students and teachers, as it allows you to engage in head to head debates and group chats. Is it time to sack off your seminars and cancel your library membership?

What’s good?

Similar to the Podcasts app, you can quickly and easily pick out the lectures, videos and books you’re most interested in. There’s plenty to choose from too, with over a million different resources available from the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Yale and Stanford. If, like me, you love history, you can dive straight into courses on anything from the Persian Wars to the American Civil war.

On those days when your favourite topics just aren’t hitting the spot, the constantly-updating home page usually offers great routes to subjects you might not ordinarily find yourself attracted to. The science section snared me good and proper.    

It’s not just good news for students either. Teachers have access to the same free content, but can also plan lessons, annotate resources and add their own materials to iTunes U.

What’s bad?

On an iPhone, iTunes U can look a little overwhelming, as so much information is presented on the screen at any one time. The situation improves vastly on the iPad, though not all users have LTE models for use on the go.


If lectures, seminars and essays aren’t enough to satisfy the needs of your knowledge-thirsty brain, iTunes U will definitely keep your little grey cells occupied.

Download iTunes U now | Price: Free | In-app purchases: Yes