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Best iPhone Apps: 16 of the best apps for iPhone


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What is IF?

Formerly known as IFTTT (which stands for ‘If This Then That’), IF is an app that lets you make various disparate apps and internet services work together to automate your life. For example, you can set up any photos you take to automatically upload to Instagram, or instruct your email app to send any attachments to Dropbox.

It also works well with smart home products, so you can set your lights or heating to come on in response to a dizzying number of variables.

What’s good?

IF is an incredibly powerful app that can simplify you life in countless ways. Yet setting these up is ridiculously easy. There are loads of pre-cooked ‘recipes’ available through the app, as made by fellow users, but making your own is a simple step-by-step process based on the services you use.

It’s the range and scope of IF that really sets it apart. No other app that we can think off pulls in so many services.

What’s bad?

Despite being fairly intuitive in relation to what it can do, IF could still be a little more user friendly. You need to put a little time into learning its ways if you’re a novice. We also had some issues with notifications not working correctly.


It’s not without its issues, but IF is a powerful app and service that’s well worth trying out – particularly if you’ve invested in several smarthome products.

Score: 7/10 | Price: Free | In-app purchases? No | Download IF