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Best iPhone Apps: 16 of the best apps for iPhone

FL Studio Mobile HD

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What is FL Studio Mobile HD?

Can’t quite get on with Garageband? FL Studio Mobile HD is one of the best paid-for sequencers on iPhone. Where Garageband is largely focused on simulating real instruments like drums, guitars and piano, FL Studio Mobile HD concentrates more on things that don’t have strings, hammers and fingers involved in the real world.

This is the iPhone version of a Windows/Mac package used by an awful lot of fairly serious music creators, and gets you a sensibly cut-down experience, but still one that lets you compose full tracks.

What’s good?
As it doesn’t try to emulate acoustic instruments so much, FL Studio Mobile HD is capable of producing tracks a little less like they have been made on a mobile device than Garageband. There are loads of downloadable expansions too, offering extra banks of virtual instruments to widen your arsenal.

Even without spending more than the initial download you can produce totally complete tracks as plenty of sounds are included and, like Garageband, FL Studio Mobile HD offers a very complete-feeling sequencer interface. It mimics much of what is seen in sequencer software of full PC/Mac suites.

The sequencer veterans among you will also likely appreciate that FL Studio Mobile HD doesn’t constantly try to surround you with familiar ‘instrument’ visuals. Yep, once again we’re referring to Garageband. But it’s important because FL Studio Mobile HD is something to investigate if you find that Garageband doesn’t quite do it for your musical side.

A big draw for any users of the desktop version of Fruity Loops is that you can export your iPhone projects to continue on the full-fat version of the software. It didn’t have this back on day one, but that was way back in 2011 before it was even a universal app.

What’s bad?

The elephant in the room here is Garageband’s price. It’s a lot cheaper than FL Studio HD, so we advise checking that out beforehand unless you’re primarily out to create hip hop or dance tracks.

While we’re pretty impressed with the scope of FL Studio Mobile HD at this point, it’s not the best app out there if you want to record your own audio from a ‘live’ instrument rather than a synthesised one. Want the real multitrack recorder vibe? You’re probably better off with Garageband. Or, if you have an iPad, check out the seriously impressive Steinberg Cubasis. Much like FL Studio HD, it’s a mobile version of a renowned desktop application.

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