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What is AmpMe?

AmpMe lets you to create an impromptu multi-speaker sound system by linking your phone with any other local devices. It essentially syncs the music track across them all.

What’s good?

Simplicity is a pre-requisite for any app worth its salt, but AmpMe is simpler than most. Just open the app and choose whether to Start a New Party or Join an Existing Party.

The only additional step is that you need to install the AmpMe app on every device you wish to use, whether it be a phone or a tablet. That done, just start a party and you’ll be given a code, which others can input when they opt to join your party. Their device will then begin playing the same track in sync with yours, essentially making for a multi-speaker setup.

Even if you don’t have any music to hand on your device, you can search and stream tracks from Soundcloud within the app itself. More music services are said to be coming to AmpMe soon.

What’s bad?

It’s a shame you can’t sync up devices through AmpMe before the track starts playing. You’ll often find that the start of songs get lost while everyone tries to sync their device.

You’ll also occasionally find that the sync is slightly off, resulting in a disconcerting echo. It’s rare, however, and only ever a ‘resync’ away from being fixed.


AmpMe is a fun and simple app that does exactly what it claims it can. Although there were a few syncing issues, once you get multiple devices streaming the same song at the right time it really is impressive and certainly solves the ‘lack of speakers’ problem.

AmpMe works with Bluetooth speakers as well, which is a nice extra. If the developers add the ability to sync before a track starts playing, include support for more services such as Spotify, and sort the, admittedly rare, syncing drops, AmpMe could become an essential app.

8/10 | Price: Free | In-app purchases? No | Download AmpMe