Best iPhone 6 Cases 2015: Latest cases tried and tested

Xqisit iPlate Matt

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This no-frills case from the unspeakable and unspellable Xqisit is the cheapest and simplest case to make it into our round-up.

Taking the totalitarian idea to the extreme, the iPlate only comes in one colour: black. The polycarbonate shell is a doddle to snap onto the phone and only slightly more tricky to take off.

There are large cutouts for all of the side controls, meaning that they’re all easy to access – almost as if the case wasn’t there at all. The case doesn’t extend to the ends of the phone, so these are given little protection, but it does extend round to the bottom corners providing a little extra buffer from knocks.

The case has a slinky matte finish that feels nice to touch and also adds a degree of all-important grip to the back of your phone. Given the relatively large dimensions of the iPhone 6, having something that binds it to your hand a little more closely is invaluable.

It’s pretty thin, so while it’s better than nothing, any protection against knocks to your handset is minimal. Our phone survived, but then we were careful not to drop it, fearing that the iPlate wouldn’t do that much to keep it intact. On the upside, it adds barely any bulk to the handset’s slimline dimensions, which is good news for the pocket of your skinny jeans.

If you want a non-obtrusive case to add some minor protection along with a little extra grip, this is worth a look, but given its simplicity, we reckon the price could do with being a tad lower.

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At time of review the Xqisit iPlate Mattp was available for £16.99.