Best iPhone 6 Cases 2015: Latest cases tried and tested

Tech21 Impactology Classic Shell Flip

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Part of Tech21’s hard-wearing range of protective cases, under the slightly cringe-worthy ‘Impactology’ banner, the Classic Shell Flip is the bulkiest case on test here, but it offers a high level of protection for your precious Apple phone.

The rubbery shell encases the back and sides of the phone, just leaving spaces for the mute switch and the ports and speaker on the bottom edge, plus the rear-facing camera. The pliable nature of the shell means that it’s really easy to take your phone in and out.

As with Apple’s case, the power and volume buttons are fully protected, so you have to get used to pressing them with a lot more force to get your actions to register.

The cover flips down from the top to reveal the screen. It’s packed with D3O, which is a proven shock-absorbing material, and is also lined with soft micro-fibre to protect your display.

There’s also a credit card slot on the inside of the flip cover, should you want to store one in there. What’s more, the flip cover can be folded back to create a stand to prop up the phone if such a thing appeals.

The case adds a fair bit of weight to your phone, which is the price you have to pay for keeping it so well protected. However, we do find the flip cover slightly annoying, as it pivots from the bottom of the phone, rather than opening to the side like most flip covers. This makes it slightly awkward to balance in one hand. Unlike the HTC One’s Dot Matrix cover, there’s no phone functionality when the cover is closed.

Not the cheapest case around, and not the prettiest either, but we certainly feel better having it looking out for our iPhone’s safety.

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At time of review the Tech21 Impactology Classic Shell Flip was available for £29.99