Best iPhone 6 Cases 2015: Latest cases tried and tested

Tech21 Impactology Classic Shell

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From the same ‘Impactology’ range as the Classic Shell Flip model, this version ditches the flip cover and keeps things simple with a clear, back-covering casing.

As with Tech21’s other model on test here, the rubbery casing covers the rear and sides of the phone, with cutouts for the camera, mute switch and the ports on the bottom edge. The mute button is a bit tricky to reach through the cutout, but at least that means there’s less chance of it getting knocked accidentally.

The bendy form factor of the case means that it’s child’s play to take your phone in and out, while the shock-absorbing D3O material that’s worked into the chassis means it’ll take a fair bit of punishment.

Once again the power and volume buttons are fully covered by the casing, offering them a high degree of protection, but meaning that they’re not as responsive as Apple designed them to be. You’ll need to exert a fair amount of pressure to make them work and also press them straight on, rather than at an angle.

While it doesn’t add as much bulk as the brand’s flip-cover version, it still ups the dimensions of your phone slightly, making the big iPhone 6 feel even wider in the hand, which might not be good news for those who already struggle with Apple’s new larger-sized handset.

The overall look is much cleaner than the flip cover version and although the robust casing adds some bulk to the outline, the slick Apple design is still visible through the transparent casing, which is also available in pink, blue and ‘smoky’ hues.

A solid, protective alternative for those who want instant access to their screen, but still want as much shock proofing as possible for their phone. Plus, the see-through design means that you can still show off the iPhone’s distinctive design.

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At time of review the Tech21 Impactology Classic Shell  was available for £24.99.