Best iPhone 6 Cases 2015: Latest cases tried and tested

Spigen Slim Armour

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Any case with ‘Armour’ in the name is bound to be tough, and Spigen’s model doesn’t disappoint. Packed with boosted shock absorption on the top, bottom and corners, the case is designed to protect your phone from all angles.

The double-layered case sports a shell of TPU – a mix between hard plastic and soft silicone – along with a removable polycarbonate hard case. This is so that you can swap it for other colours in the range, but it doesn’t appear to offer any practical use. However, the matte finish on the mid-section does provide a fairly solid grip to keep the phone safely in your paw.

Taking the phone in and out of the case takes little effort, and the mid-section is easy to snap off (if you really want to) when the phone’s out of the case.

The case includes cutouts for the camera, mute switch (which is a little tricky to reach), headphone jack, Lightning port and speaker, while the power button and volume controls are covered with soft buttons. Like most other cases where these are covered, they need a much firmer press, although the soft material is easier to push than some of the sturdier plastics used to cover the controls on other cases.

While it doesn’t cover the screen, the case does feature a lip which extends at the front, giving you a fraction of extra protection which could prevent your screen from shattering if you drop your handset face-down.

The case does its best not to spoil Apple’s slick design, but it’s not the best-looking phone protection around, and the circular cutout on the back, which shows off the Apple logo, looks a little crude.

As well as the red version that we tested, you can also buy the case in white, silver, ‘slate’ and ‘gunmetal’.

A decent protective case at a good price, but it does make the iPhone look and feel a little brick-like.

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At time of review the Spigen Slim Armour was available for £19.99