Best iPhone 6 Cases 2015: Latest cases tried and tested

Qdos Saffiano Leather Folio Case

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This folio case is crafted from hand-finished leather and clearly aimed at those who want a premium jacket for their phone.

The cover flips out to the left, like a book, making it nice and intuitive to use, and the iPhone slips into the shock-absorbent rigid interior with ease. A suede interior is designed to provide a soft resting place for your phone to keep it free from scratches. There’s a pocket inside the flip cover which will take a couple of credit cards, so you could get away with using this as a wallet on a night out.

The interior case has cutouts for all of the side-mounted controls, though the volume rocker and mute switch need a bit of extra effort to reach, as you’ll have to fold the flip cover back out of the way to get to them. The top and bottom edge aren’t covered by the rigid shell, but the folio case itself does extend slightly beyond them to offer a reasonable amount of protection.

The flip case sports a cutout on the back for the camera as well as one on the front for the speaker. This means that you can take calls with the flip cover closed if you want to, though you might look and feel a bit odd doing so.

Available in purple, brown or black, the case is made from leather with an odd textured finish which has the strange effect of making it appear more like plastic, so the premium promise of a real leather finish is slightly wasted.

It’s a decent choice, if you’ve bought into the whole ‘flip case’ concept, but if you haven’t, it’s unlikely to win you over. Our main gripe is that for a leather case that costs over £20 it doesn’t really look or feel like leather.

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At time of review the Qdos Saffiano Leather Folio Case was available for £24.99.