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Man&Wood Enrico’s Check

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As the name suggests, the Man&Wood range is crafted from real wood. Not only that, but wood that’s come from sustainable sources, keeping your tree-hugging credentials intact.

To attach the case, you just snap the phone in – it really couldn’t be simpler. Getting it out again is another matter – it does feel a little like the case will break when you’re trying to remove it from the phone, but be brave. It will come off with a little pressure (and some mild swearing).

The wooden finish fits seamlessly into the plastic casing, making this a very slimline, lightweight case that barely adds any bulk to the iPhone 6. The zigzag-based ‘Enrico’s Check’ pattern looks cool, but there are plenty of other patterns to choose from if it’s not your cup of tea, including some slightly more feminine designs.

While we were expecting the wooden back to give some extra grip, we actually found that the finish was so smooth that it was a little slippery.

The chassis has cutouts for the camera, and all the side-mounted controls, so you’ll have no problems accessing any of these. The casing doesn’t extend over either the top or bottom edges of the handset, offering little protection if those are the spots that you happen to drop your phone on. In fact, overall protection is minimal, as the case itself is so thin, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

Man&Wood’s effort looks and feels good, but won’t offer a hell of a lot of protection should your iPhone take anything more than a light battering. But the sub-£20 price tag seems fairly reasonable.

This case is really more about customising your phone than protecting it.

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At time of review the Man&Wood Enrico’s Check was available for £19.99