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Apple Leather Case

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Part of Apple’s small range of official iPhone 6 cases, the leather version is designed to give your phone a premium look while still being able to show off the familiar design at the front.

Snapping the case on and off is really easy, thanks to its flexibility. You’ll also notice that the case’s interior is covered with a soft micro-fibre which is designed to protect the back of your phone.

Available in black, red, blue, brown and light pink, the case features a genuine leather finish, which makes it feel like it’s worth the £35 price tag and also gives it a suitable amount of grip to prevent your phone from sliding out of your hand.

The casing extends over the top of the phone and while it doesn’t cover the headphone jack and Lightning connector on the bottom edge, it does extend to the bottom corners to offer a slight buffer should you drop your phone that edge. The good news is that it doesn’t block your access to the Touch ID home button.

The power switch and volume controls are fully covered by the casing, which is specially moulded around them so that they can be pressed. While this means that the controls are completely protected from the dangers of the outside world, it also means that you need press them with slightly more pressure for the control to register.

We’re not entirely sure if it’s everyday grime or the dye wearing off of the leather, but the case did get a bit discoloured around the corners after a few days and, being leather, it also picked up the odd scuff. But then, that’s what it’s there for – to take the knocks so that the phone doesn’t have to.

Overall, it’s a good choice for those who don’t want to spoil Apple’s fancy phone design with an ugly case. Though it may need replacing sooner than rival cases if you want to keep the look sharp.

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At time of review the Apple Leather Case was available for £35