Best iPhone 6 Cases 2015: Latest cases tried and tested


Upgraded to an iPhone 6 or considering buying one soon? Then you’ll be needing a protective case to keep it from getting any unwanted scratches or marks. We’ve been busily trying out the latest iPhone 6 cases and covers so that you don’t have to.

As our iPhone 6 review explains, the handset sports a very different design from the iPhone 5, with a larger screen and a thinner, more rounded chassis. The big 4.7-inch display is superb, while the new software features and camera are also impressive.

The screen still isn’t quite as big as those on the Samsung Galaxy S5 or LG G3, but the iPhone 6 is still a large phone that really needs some form of protection.

Apple offers its own small selection of cases, one of which is on test here, but you can also get phone-protecting kit from the likes of Tech21, Spigen and Proporta to keep your iPhone safe.

While a case might seem like a simple product, there are plenty of elements that go into its design, and questions that need to be answered such as: “How much bulk will it add to the phone?” and “Can I get to the fingerprint scanner easily?”

We’ve taken a selection of the best iPhone 6 cases and covers around for a test spin to find out which ones are worthy of your cash.