Best iPhone 5C cases to buy 2014

Looking for an iPhone 5C case or cover to keep your new iPhone safe and secure? We round up the best 5C cases to buy when you get your hands on that colourful, polycarbonate body.

Replacing the aluminium iPhone 5, the slightly cheaper iPhone 5C is a plastic Apple smartphone that comes in a range of colours. If you are sold on the 5C features and planning to queue up outside the Apple Store to buy one when it launches on September 20th, grabbing a case should probably be next on your shopping list.

Apple announced its official iPhone 5C case alongside the brightly hued handset but the likes of Otterbox, Belkin, Proporta and a whole host of others are set to offer plenty of alternatives to protect your investment.

Whether you need added protection against everyday bumps, knocks and drops or you want to keep the 4-inch Retina display boxfresh, we’ve rounded up the new iPhone 5C cases announced so far to help you find the perfect home for your new Apple smartphone.