Best iPad Games 2017

The App Store has so many great games to play, but is often overwhelming with the amount of choice, making it difficult to separate the great form the garbage.

Luckily, TrustedReviews loves playing mobile games, so we’ve rounded up the best iPad games you can buy today. Take a look at our list and get gaming!

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Mini Metro

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Developer: Dinosaur Polo Club
Price: £4.99

What better way to kill time during a morning tube commute than building some tunnels of your own in Mini Metro? The game is all about designing and managing your own subway. The minimal visual style reflects the colourful lines found splattered across the London Underground, making for a surprisingly relaxing little game without the stress of travel.

Progress is made by connecting different services to stations spread across the metro network. This way passengers can travel between them without any hassle, earning you points as they do so. Mini Metro turns a boring part of most people’s routine into a fun, easy-going mobile outing.

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Pac Man Championship Edition DX

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Developer: Namco  
Price: £4.99

It’s incredibly hard to go wrong when it comes to Pac-Man. Championship Edition DX reinvigorates the iconic formula with electric new visuals and gameplay modes that make the arcade classic feel fresh again. It also shines on iPad with truly intuitive touch controls on a large, colourful display.

Combine an assortment of mind-bending neon mazes with an undeniably banging soundtrack and you’ve got a formula that effectively transforms the arcade classic into something fresh, new and exciting. Just try not to miss your bus while you’re busy gobbling up ghosts.

Download Pac Man Championship Edition DX

Papers, Please

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Developer: Lucas Pope 
Price: £7.99

Described as a “Dystopian Document Thriller,” Papers, Please has you working as a border protection officer in the fictional nation of Arstotzka. The fictional communist country is ripe with criminals looking to infitrate its borders, and it’s your job to decide who comes in and who stays out.

Papers, Please forces players to deal with the everyday moral dilemmas of society while also caring for their family. Make a silly mistake or sign the wrong document and our loved ones could go hungry, leading to a quick, morbid demise. The simplistic controls and retrofied art style also work perfectly on a touch screen. Glory to Arstotzka!

Download Papers, Please

FTL: Faster Than Light

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Developer: Subset Games
Price: £9.99

This intergalactic strategy game is tense, challenging and utterly engrossing despite its simple visuals. Acting as the captain of your very own starship, it is your job to explore countless sectors of deep space in search of new and exciting discoveries. Just make sure you’re ready to fend off hostile space pirates and asteroid fields.

Players are expected to manage every tiny aspect of their craft to keep it moving and their crew alive. Everyone has a different role, whether it be maintaining life support systems or keeping the ship steady in the dark reaches of space. Perfect for fans of deep simulation, Faster Than Light is nothing but essential.

Download Faster Than Light

WWE Supercard

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Developer: Cat Daddy Games
Price: Free (with microtransactions)

The Undertaker. Randy Orton. John Cena. AJ Styles. All of these names will sound incredibly familar to anyone even slightly in tune with professional wrestling. They’re all superstars who appear in WWE Supercard, a fiendishly addictive collectible card game that has you assembling decks of your favourite wrestlers to battle players across the globe

Upon building your deck you can then participate in a range of modes, many of which have you facing up against real-life opponents. The game is frequently updated to reflect special events in the wrestling world, giving fans plenty of incentive to regularly check back for new cards and rewards.

Download WWE Supercard


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Developer: Kurecchi
Price: Free

We’re a sucker for cute little mobile titles here at Trusted Reviews. We also love collecting random goodies and completing quests, both of which Post Knight deals out in plentiful spades. You play as an adorable little warrior given the job of what can only be described as a medieval mailman. The townspeople need stuff, and you’re the sole person capable of delivering it without being devoured by wolves.

Post Knight kicks off with our hero obtaining his very first postal license. With this he can deliver parcels across the land with the use of his sword, shield and potions. By taking quests from a nearby postbox you earn experience and materials used for upgrading your tattered equipment. Soon you’ll be sporting an arsenal worthy of pushing through the hardest of stages.

Download Postknight

Fire Emblem Heroes

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Developer: Intelligent Systems
Price: Free

Nintendo’s third stab at mobile gaming could be its deepest yet, with Fire Emblem Heroes delivering an experience that pays homage to the beloved series while also carving its own identity. By combining familiar gameplay mechanics with dozens of iconic characters, Fire Emblem Heroes crafts a deceptively deep SRPG perfectly suited for mobile.

Intelligent Systems does an excellent job of translating the existing gameplay formula to iOS and Android. Admittedly, it lacks some of the depth of the 3DS entries, yet often feels just as challenging. Managing your capable squad of heroes still requires a keen sense of strategy, albeit on a smaller and somewhat simplified scale. Seasonal events also do plenty to keep things with fresh with all new characters and missions to play.

Download Fire Emblem Heroes


Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Price: Free (with microtransactions)

No run down of the best iPad games on offer would be complete without a nod to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. It may have since made the leap to iPhone, but Blizzard’s card battler began life on iPad and continues to amass fans thanks to the fact that you don’t have to be invested in the Warcraft universe to enjoy it – like Magic: The Gathering before it, victory is a case of amassing cards (either by completing missions or, if you’re inpatient, paying out for with cold, hard cash) and playing them at the right time to take advantage of the weaknesses in your opponent’s deck. Oh, and the pretty animations said moves trigger aren’t too bad, either.

Don’t forget to check out the latest adventure EP too – Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain.

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Developer: Laser Dog Games
Price: £2.99

If you’re looking for something that oozes old-school charm, HoPiKo is the game for you. It hits all the right retro notes with its superb soundtrack and it’s gameplay ethic.
Celebrating arcade gameplay on your iPad, HoPiKo is a reaction-based game that might just alienate some of the more casual gamers. But, for anyone who wants to go back in time, despite their shiny Apple tech, then this is it.
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Her Story

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Developer: Sam Barlow
Price: £3.99

In what is one of the boldest experiments with interactive storytelling, Her Story has all the intrigue and drama of the best crime TV shows.
But it blends this with the interactivity that a touchscreen game can deliver.
It comes from the same man that brought you Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and delivers an amazingly fresh experience for iPad.
Her Story’s minimalist feel and well-crafted narrative makes for one mobile game that will be talked about for many years to come.
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Lara Croft Go

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Developer: Square Enix Montreal
Price: £3.99
From the developer behind Hitman Go comes Lara Croft Go. It’s a fantastic attempt at making the tomb exploration of the classic Tomb Raider games work on a mobile platform, turning it into a lovingly crafted turn-based game.
But it’s one that’s packed with logic puzzles that will keep you on your toes, and your mind pin-sharp.
The amazingly soothing soundtrack only serves to complement the well-executed touchscreen control scheme and tight puzzles too.
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Developer: Outerminds
Price: £3.99
You may know about YouTube Gaming sensation PewDiePie and his pugs. And even though he’s a little like Marmite, there’s no denying that his mobile game debut is pretty awesome.
PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist is an excellently crafted platformer that’s thoroughly enjoyable and touches base with many classic games of old.
Even if you don’t get the PewDiePie references that litter the gameplay, Legend of the Brofist is still one of the best mobile games to be released in 2015.
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Developer: Big Bucket
Price: £2.49

If you’re looking for a fantastic adventure title to play on your iPad this Christmas, Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure is one of the best available right now. It’s a gem of a game because it manages to blend accessibility for mobile gamers new to the adventure genre and the complexity craved by dab hands.

There’s a tonne of reasons why we gave Space Age the coveted 10/10 score, but you’ll be very pleased with its retro visuals, awesome soundtrack and irony laced script.

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Developer: Yak & Co
Price: £2.29

Although Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise may market itself as a stealth adventure, this is actually a wonderful first-person point-and-click adventure.
Presented in a cartoon strip-like style, Agent A cleverly fuses together multiple puzzles with differing styles with a rather tongue in cheek vibe.
It might not be the trendiest release, and it might have somewhat cheesy dialogue, but Agent A’s pure gameplay is some of the best on offer.
Download Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise

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Developer: Vagabond Dog
Price: £2.29

This PC title has been lovingly ported to iPad and iPhone in a way that retains all the game’s original genius.

Always Sometimes Monsters is a game that is focused on the decisions you make. Decisions that, potentially, you don’t even know you’re making at the time.

From your chosen play style to who you choose to be, Always Sometimes Monsters is genius in the way that it embeds a complicated web of decisions that ripple out to the end.

Although it features graphics that wouldn’t look out of place on a SNES, this is a dark and somewhat depressing tale of a struggling writer that will have you gripped until the end.

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Lost Within

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Developer: Amazon Games Studios
Price: £4.99

Any mobile game that manages to make the most of the fear factor is cool with us. It’s rare these days that the fear comes from the actual attack though. It’s all in the waiting and the atmosphere that wait creates.

This is what Lost Within does with aplomb. Floorboard creak, children laugh and a rusty old wheelchair will lurch forward in the silence of this abandoned asylum.

It’s your job to clear the halls before the demolition and it’s no easy feat when you start to experience horrendous flash-backs to the scene of an outbreak.

This is a genuinely expansive world that wouldn’t feel out of place on console, with simple controls and an engaging storyline that you’ll not oft find on mobile.

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Developer: 343 Industries
Price: £4.49

One of the best twin-stick shooters you’ll come across on mobile, Halo: Spartan Strike takes the success of its predecessor and manages to do so much better. Although the levels are fairly linear, the worlds of Halo: Spartan Strike are vibrant and full of life. 343 Industries has kept the control system simple too, making the whole Halo experience on iPad feel completely at home.

Spartan Strike does what so many other mobile games of this type fail to do – place simple, accessible and utterly enjoyable gameplay at the centre of a well presented yet hectic universe for the perfect mobile title.

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Lumino City

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Developer: State of Play Games
Price: £3.99
Lumino City is a game that offers an attention to detail that few other iPad games can match. Its paper-crafted world is simply stunning and it’s packed full of puzzles that will test and delight.
It’s a game that delivers each puzzle with such a style that you’ll become lost in the story and the environment, leading you pleasingly through this little point-and-click adventure.
London-based State of Play Games has set the bar for point-and-click adventures on iPad, and you’ll just want more and more from this development team.
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Monument Valley

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Developer: ustwo
Price: £2.49

There’s a reason that Monument Valley – the picture-perfect puzzler developed by effortlessly trendy Shoreditch-based UI specialist ustwo – is so often used in promo photos by manufacturers looking to sell their phones and tablets: because it looks gorgeous. As you might expect, its series of Escher-like stages, where you aim is to create pathways to explore by revolving the view, making connections where there weren’t any, looks even better on iPad’s bigger screen, making it the perfect purchase for your new tablet, even if you already own it on iPhone.

ustwo has also just added another set of levels, called Forgotten Shores, which adds even more gameplay to the fantastic puzzler. It might be an extra £1.99 for the DLC, but it’s totally worth every penny.

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Particle Mace

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Developer: Andy Wallace
Price: £2.29

Particle Mace sees you having to protect yourself from a barrage of incoming comets in the middle of space. A virtual thumbstick at the bottom of your screen is your only weapon, allowing you to guide your spaceship through your small snippet of space, swinging it around like a literal mace.

Anything you touch gets destroyed, or at least made smaller, earning you points towards that ultimate high score. You’ll have to keep your thumb limber and your ship nimble in order to survive. Once you get into big multiplier territory, it all gets wonderfully hectic.

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Developer: Triada Studio
Price: £2.29

The premise of Shadowmatic is simple – shift objects until their shadows resemble a familiar object. Yet, although this isn’t exactly a new concept, the way developer Triada Studio has presented Shadowmatic will keep you coming back for more.

Each level is accompanied by a haunting and rather stirring soundtrack, which will keep you calm and Zen-like as you manipulate these weird objects. All you need to do is spin those objects until you spot the shadow shape, with a handy indicator at the bottom letting you know how close you are to discovering the final shape.

This is one of the slickest puzzlers on iOS and Triada should be applauded for its fresh approach.

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The Trace

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Developer: Relentless Games
Price: £3.99

If you’re a fan of Fireproof Games’ The Room, you’ll definitely be interested in The Trace. This murder mystery game sees you play as Detective Sam Pearce – albeit you never see what he actually looks like. Your job is to track down every clue and lead in a series of linked crime scenes and discover what exactly happened.
Don’t expect to be hand-held in The Trace, as part of its charm is its intrigue and mystery. The game offers a wonderful realism wrapped around solid controls to offer a quality adventure.
Just you wait until the other episodes arrive.
Download The Trace: A Murder Mystery Game

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