Best HTC One M8 Cases: Latest Cases Tried and Tested

Tech 21 Impact Herringbone

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Another case primed to offer protection when you drop your M8, the Tech 21 Impactology case is a surprisingly slim bumper-style case that offers good value for money. Tech 21 uses its D30 impact material to absorb and dissipate force like when it’s being dropped. The largely transparent case has a patterned design on the back and the orange impact-resistant polymer situated where the sides and the corners of the phone sit inside the case. There are cut outs for all the key features with two embedded buttons for the volume rocker which are nice and responsive.

It’s nice and easy to slip on and hugs the M8 giving it a reasonably slim form of protection. In the hand it does have a slightly slippery feel which does have some impact on the overall grip. The orange can look a bit tacky and while the corners and sides seem well protected, we have our doubts how it will cope when dropped on its back. As a slim form of protection though, it’s one of the cheaper and attractive options available.

Price: 24.99