Best HTC One M8 Cases: Latest Cases Tried and Tested

Otterbox Commuter

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Otterbox has been offering its ‘stylish protection’ cases for smartphones like the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy handsets for a while now and it’s offering the dual layer protection for the M8. The Otterbox Commuter comprises of a grey ‘impact-resistant’ silicone inner cover and a white polycarbonate outer shell. In the box you’ll also get a screen protector, a little cloth to wipe down the screen and a small card to squeeze out any trapped bubbles when you’ve applied the protector.

Putting the case on the phone has its issues. First you’ll need to remove the silicone inner from the hard shell and place the inner around the M8. Next, you need to place the hard shell around the silicone inner and the bottom latch covering the microUSB charging port and headphone jack is tricky to get to perfectly fit. Cut outs are all in the right places and there’s no doubting the Defender offers solid all-round protection even up front where the case is slightly raised around the screen in case you drop it display side up. The problem is, you are going to have to sacrifice that slim, metal body for a case and for us that’s a big sacrifice.

Price: £39.99