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Official HTC One M8 Double Dip Hard Shell

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Introduced for the HTC One earlier this year, the Double Dip is a three-piece case that protects the back, sides, corners and the ends of the One M8. All three components are made from a plastic-like polycarbonate material with the interior of the main grey shell lined with a soft-touch plastic that sits against the back of the phone. The two end caps come in two different colours with two additional grey caps if you want to go all one colour. All the necessary cut-outs are in place and uncovered, so there’s easy access to features like the volume rocker and camera.

Putting the case together and around your M8 is pretty straightforward. Simply slide the phone from either end of the main shell and click on the top and bottom cap and you are good to go. In the hand, the Double Dip can be slippery to hold and in our time with it the back has a habit of getting a little scuffed. It’s a very light case and adds very little extra bulk to the handset, however we can’t help thinking it’s a little cheap to look at and hold. As an official case, we’d expect something to match the sleekness of the phone, and sadly with the Double Dip that’s not the case.

Price: £19.99

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