Best HTC One M8 Cases: Latest Cases Tried and Tested

Official HTC One M8 Case

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If you don’t want to spend anything extra on a case for your M8, HTC actually includes one in the box along side the Android smartphone. It’s a rubbery, almost transparent silicone sleeve that offers a very sleek form of protection for the all metal handset. Fitting snugly and easily around the M8’s back, there’s cut outs for the on/off button and the camera sensor around the back. The volume rocker has a raised surface while there’s small latch covering the microUSB charging port and headphone jack that keeps the vital connection points covered when not in use.

In the hand, it adds very little additional weight and is nice to grip. It’s going to hide away the metal design but not to the extent that some M8 cases will. In terms of protection, we are not convinced this is going to guard against major dropping incidents but for everyday knocks and bumps, it’s one of the slimmest and nicest bumper case-style solutions available.

Price: Free