Home Audio Product Of The Year 2016

2011 saw docks and speakers come of age in way, with more audio fans starting to take them seriously, as more appeared offering audiophile-grade sound quality and as a replacement for your home stereo system. While most still only supported iDevices, manufacturers are slowing coming around to the idea of producing dock which work with Android smarphones and tablets now too, considering ust how many of them are out there.

Last month we introduced our shortlist for
Best Home Audio Player of 2011 and we counted your votes which revealed three finalists: the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air, the Arcam rCube and the Sonos Play:3.

Last week our panel of experts considered the merits of each, listening to demonstrations of the sound quality and considering the merits of each product. It was an extremely close vote, with one dock just winning out in the end, deserving of its title as TrustedReviews Home Audio Product of 2011.

Home Audio Product Of The Year 2011 – the winners