Best Games for Kids 2016


Exclusive to PS4

You might not associate the PlayStation brand with family-friendly games, but Sony’s consoles have always had a rich vein of family-friendly games, going all the way back to Ape Escape and Crash Bandicoot on the original PSX, and moving through to Ratchet and Clank and LittleBigPlanet. From the makers of that last game comes this brilliant papercraft-inspired platformer, which has arguably only got better with its transition from the PS Vita handheld.

It’s a gorgeous-looking, puzzle-packed adventure with a nice line in handycrafts, where the kids get asked to draw their own objects on the Dual Shock 4 controllers touchpad and add them to the game. Plug in the PlayStation Camera, if you have one, and it only gets better, literally putting the player on the screen within the game. Charming and ingenious, this is one of the great undersung stars of the PS4 line-up.

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