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Exclusive to Nintendo Wii U

Online Nintendo could take a genre as macho as the online shooter and transform it into a cartoon extravaganza full of fun. Here two teams of weird teen squid/humanoid hybrids duke it out for domination of the map, their only weapons splatter-guns, paintbrushes and rollers that cover everything in thick, viscous, brightly-coloured ink.

Cleverly, the game gives you more points for coverage than combat, and the winner isn’t the team with the most kills but the team with the most coverage. You can still nail opponents with a satisfying blast or splat, while a series of ingenious power-ups can help you turn the tide of battle if timed right. Throw in a surprisingly smart single-player campaign and Splatoon is a serious family hit, though one without the long-term depth of some rival child-friendly games.

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