Best Games for Kids 2016


Exclusive to Nintendo 3DS

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer isn’t exactly the world’s best game. It’s a simple effort set in the gentle world of Animal Crossing, where players work as a sort of architect and interior designer, building and decorating homes to satisfy a bunch of weird and wonderful clients. You work out what they want inside their home and then put it all in place. Once they’re happy you’re rewarded with a video of them enjoying their new habitude, plus the chance to work on grander civic projects.

On the one hand Happy Home Designer isn’t that demanding or sophisticated in its scoring, and at times it seems impossible to fail. Yet Nintendo’s game has a way of keeping kids enthralled for hours, and even some more hardcore gamers might find themselves dipping in then whistling the theme tunes. This game can hook the kids (and adults) that other games can’t reach.

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At time of review Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer was available for £26.