Best Games for Kids 2016

Angry Birds 2

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Available on iOS, Android

Whatever their ages, gamers can’t get enough of those Angry Birds, but the first sequel after several spin-offs a proper sequel has arrived. It’s still a case of catapulting less-than-aerobatic birds at smirking swine, but themed levels, boss battles and impressive spells add some extra excitement, while the leagues and tournaments in the game’s Arena mode give expert catapulters a chance to test and potentially show off their feathered-fried-flinging skills.

Throw in more detailed and vibrant cartoon graphics, unpredictable weather effects and in-game challenges and you have by far the best Angry Birds yet, though the way you have to pay for spells or tournaments might not go down well with younger gamers – or their parents’ wallets. Still, you don’t have to pay for these if you don’t want to, with plenty of free tournaments and ways to earn spell cards in-game.

Price: Free