Best Games for Kids 2016

Our pick of the best games for kids this year

It’s ironic that games used to be thought of as ‘something for the kids’. Take a look at many of this year’s blockbusters and they’re anything but child friendly, majoring on blasting, bashing, slashing and generally obliterating anything that moves rather than anything you’d like your average six to twelve-year-old to play.

Even those without violent content tend to have material or mechanics that put them beyond the reach of your average child.

Look beyond all the big hardcore blockbusters, however, and you’ll still find brilliant games that kids will love playing, and that the whole family can get stuck into. Better still, you can enjoy many of them together.

Some are designed for co-op or casual competitive play – perfect for a wet holiday afternoon – while others work as big adventures that are almost as much fun to watch as they are to play. Don’t leave the kids playing second-rate efforts, get them something that you’ll all enjoy.

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