Best Fridge Freezers 2018: 12 best 60cm and side-by-side fridge freezers

It may not be the coolest of purchases (ba-boom tsch), but a decent fridge is the cornerstone of any kitchen. Acting as a family hub, it’s vital that the model you choose is the right capacity, design and energy efficiency to suit your needs.

With so many different models on the market, each with very unique features (and more technical terms to describe them than a rocket manual), making your choice could prove rather difficult.

Always here to make things easy, we’ve put together this definitive guide and roundup to help. Our guide to the best fridge freezer splits models into two categories: the best traditional 60cm fridge freezers and the best side-by-side fridge freezers, for larger households.

Once you’ve decided on the type for you, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. We’ve assess storage capacity, running costs, noise, consistency, insulation, humidity and extras, such as water dispensers and additional drawers.

Read below to find out how we test all of this, and then keep scrolling for our 12 favourite fridge freezers.

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Beko ASD241

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How we test fridge freezers

We put all fridge freezers through the same meticulous tests to ensure that real-life performance actually matches the claims.

Each one gets a 48-hour bedding in procedure, during which time we plumb in any water cooling or ice making features and allow temperatures to settle.

We then load up the fridge freezers with a set amount of food in both the fridge and freezer sections and track the temperatures in multiple areas over the next two days. We even hold the doors open at regular intervals to simulate typical usage.

For every 10 litres of claimed space in the fridge compartment, we load each unit with 0.5kg of food and for each 10 litres of space in the freezer we add 1kg of food. We also add a 2-litre open container of water to the freezer, in which we embed a temperature probe.

Along the way we’ll also track total power usage and noise levels. Finally, we simulate a power cut by turning the fridge freezer off for three hours and tracking the subsequent temperature rise, which indicates how well-insulated the unit is.


Best 60cm

Key Features:

  • 363-litre fridge capacity
  • A++ energy rating
  • 6th Sense Fresh Control cooling
  • Antibacterial air filter
  • Activ0° compartment
  • Flush-fit installation
  • Microban antibacterial coating
  • Compartment dividers
  • Review price: £699.00

Displaying stunning good looks, fantastic cooling, excellent features and low running costs, the Whirlpool SW8 AM2C XARL is one of the best fridges we’ve tested – and one of a select few to achieve Trusted Reviews’ hallowed 5/5 score.

The fridge offers US-style capacity but comes in a compact, 60cm-wide, UK-friendly form factor. Even when paired with the UW8 F2C XB freezer and optional joining kit, it is one of the only fridges at this size that won’t protrude in UK-sized kitchens.

From its stunning fit and finish to its consistent cooling throughout, Whirlpool’s SW8 is an impressive fridge.

The end result is a spacious fridge with massive capacity, consistent cooling, some of the lowest running costs around, and a wonderfully intelligently designed interior. It may not benefit from any of the smart features currently in vogue, but for less than £700 you’re unlikely to do better than the Whirlpool SW8 AM2C XARL.

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Best 60cm

Key features:

  • 60cm fridge freezer, 266-litre fridge, 122-litre freezer
  • H201 x D65.5 x W59.5cm
  • A++ energy rated
  • 6th Sense cooling technology

Boasting big-capacity cooling with a fine stainless steel finish, the Whirlpool BSNF 9152 OX is a tall, frost-free fridge freezer featuring Whirlpool’s 6th Sense technology. Touches of design class include ultra-thin doors that allow the drawers to be removed even if the door opening is restricted, antibacterial filtration for the air-circulation cooling, and a dedicated 0oC drawer that’s ideal for meat and fish.

The fridge space offers a cornucopia of storage options across four shelves – so many options, actually, that you might want to remove some of its many shelves and furnishings to free up space. The control panel offers three standard settings – cool, cooler and coldest – and fridge’s 6th Sense technology takes care of setting the ideal temperature.

Temperatures were very consistent throughout both the fridge and freezer, but we did notice that the fridge runs a little warm and the freezer a little cool on the “mid” setting. If you’re operating the appliance on that “mid” setting, our calculations put the yearly electricity cost at around £37 per year.

At time of the review the Whirlpool BSNF 9152 was available for £599.99

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Best 60cm

Key features:

  • 60cm fridge freezer, 234-litre fridge, 86-litre freezer
  • H187 x D65 x W60cm
  • A++ energy rated
  • Networked interior cameras for spying on your food

With an integrated fridge-cam, the Siemens KG36NHI32 offers the additional luxury of being able to ogle the contents of the fridge via any smart device from anywhere. Not essential, but fun for all the family nonetheless.

Behind the door, the fridge has a bias towards fresh food storage; close to a 75/25 split. There isn’t much to say about the freezer, which is made up of 3 large bins and does the job, but the fridge is a consistently chilled affair with plenty of space for food alongside a designated meat drawer.

It turns in an excellent technical performance as long as you ignore the fridge thermostat and opt for a slightly lower temperature than indicated.

We calculated running costs to be around £39. Add to that a brushed stainless steel finish and a clean, crisp look throughout the entire appliance, and you’re looking at a superb fridge freezer with a fun tech twist.

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Servis C60185NF

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Best 60cm

Key features:

  • 60cm fridge freezer, 237-litre fridge, 98-litre freezer
  • H189.9 x W60.5 x D67cm
  • Lovely design
  • Really cheap to run

If retro’s your thing, the Servis C60185NF could be right up your street. It’s an old-school, pretty-looking fridge freezer that’s available in a wide range of striking colours, including black, cream, red, orange and green. The pronounced curves and large chrome door handles add to its overall look.

Thankfully, that’s as far as the retro theme goes. The interior is modern in layout and practicality, apart from the main dial which annoyingly has numbers instead of specific temperatures.

The 237 litres of fridge space will keep large families happy, though the 98 litres of freezer storage leaves a little to be desired.

Performance is solid but not as good as we’d like from a fridge freezer at this price. Temperature variance is quite high – as much as five degrees in the fridge and freezer sections.

The Servis is, however, as quiet as… a very quiet library, registering just 39dB in our test. It’s also really cheap to run, consuming £34.20 (228kWh at 15p/kWh) per year by our calculations.

The fact it’s much cheaper than well-known alternatives too makes it a good option if you want retro style at a reasonable price.

At time of review the Servis C60185NF was available for £699

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Best 60cm

Key features:

  • 60cm fridge freezer, 260-litre fridge, 101-litre freezer
  • H201 x W60 x D63cm
  • A+++ energy rated
  • Handy blackboard feature

The Miele KFN 29233 D BB Blackboard is a top-spec frost-free fridge freezer bristling with Miele’s latest technology. Its USP is a hard-wearing matte blackboard finish on both doors, which should come in handy for jotting down grocery reminders or doodling a Picasso when you reach for the OJ. A subtle blue display at the very top of the fridge offers touch controls.

Behind those lush black doors is a mammoth 260 litres of space for chilling. That’s partly down to the fridge’s generous depth, and partly Miele’s high-tech insulation, which helps keep the fridge walls thin. The lower “Daily Fresh” bin is truly vacernous, with a humidity control slider to boot. You can easily get a week’s worth of veggies for the family in here.

Performance-wise, this fridge scores very well. Cooling is consistent throughout all shelves of the fridge, with only slight fluctuations in temperature from top to bottom.

Down in the freezer the results were the same, and the spread of temperature was much narrower too. Based on our tests, we calculate it would use approximately 180kWh per year. That’s comfortably less than £30 a year for a whole lot of cooling capacity.


At the time of the review the Miele KFN 29233 D BB Blackboard was available for £1,449

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Best 60cm

Key features:

  • 60cm fridge freezer, 248-litre fridge, 99-litre freezer
  • H190 x W59.5 x D67.2cm
  • Temperature controlled My Zone compartment

This is no shrinking violet of a fridge freezer. It’s sleek, stylish and contemporary – perfect for modern kitchens. The Haier A2FE635CFJ is available in silver, white and red, though the latter two cost a little extra. Its LCD touch controls sit on the exterior of the fridge door and are easy to operate.

The fridge section is very large and well-lit, with a capacity of 248 litres that would suit large families. The ‘My Zone’ compartment sits at the bottom, and it’s really versatile. You can use it to chill items quickly, defrost bits and bobs slowly or just keep food and drinks cool. There’s also a humidity-controlled salad drawer, which will keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer.

The freezer section is small though at just 99 litres, so if you have a spare standalone freezer knocking around, don’t throw it out yet.

The Haier’s real-life performance is great, too. It operates at a quiet 40-42dB, and temperature consistency is good. It’s also cheap to run, costing around £47.40 (316kWh at 15p/kWh) per year, plus if the power went out, its good insulation would keep your frozen food safe for 14-16 hours.

At time of reivew the Haier A2FE635CFJ was available for £549.

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Best side-by-side

Key features:

  • 4-door, French-style fridge-freezer
  • 378-litre fridge, 152-litre freezer
  • H182 x W84cm x D75cm
  • Plumbed-in, filtered water

The Blomberg KFD4952XD is a real statement fridge, laid out in the French-style fashion with two outward-opening doors atop two huge freezer drawers. It’s a bulky brute, and certainly one for the larger kitchen with its large handles and vast depth, but its storage capacity is mammoth and its wardrobe layout lets you access large trays or enormous pizzas with ease.

It comes with an A energy efficiency, but it’s pricier to run than the average chilling beast, clocking an average £60 per year by our calculations. There are plenty of brilliant features to distract you from that, however, like its stunning side-mounted LED lighting columns, glass shelves and white trimmed drawers. It even has a strong blue light in its salad drawers to keep food fresher for longer.

There’s a water chiller, but disappointingly it has to be plumbed into the mains, and only serves up chilled water, not ice – you have to delve into the lower freezer drawer to access the automatic ice maker. A removable, washable odour filter sits in the left side of the fridge freezer to keep smells to a minimum.

If you can handle the sheer size and presence of the Blomberg KFD4952XD, you’ll be impressed with its chilling power and capacity.

At the time of the review the Blomberg KFD4952XD was available for £1099.99

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Beko ASD241

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Best side-by-side

Key features:

  • American-style fridge freezer, 364-litre fridge, 190-litre freezer
  • H179 x W91 x D72cm
  • Non-plumbed water dispenser
  • A+ energy rating

If you’re after an affordable American-style fridge freezer, the Beko ASD241 offers a lot more bang for your buck than most. It’s available in silver, black and stainless steel variants, all of which look more expensive than they actually are. An in-door water dispenser and touch-operated control panel adorn the doors and add to the premium look.

Its interior is clear, well-lit and capacious. The fridge offers a massive 364 litres of capacity, while the freezer is also huge, at 190 litres. There’s a good mix of shelves, drawers and door pockets in both sections, which will satisfy the storage cravings of even the largest of families.

Temperature is consistent throughout, though the freezer keeps things a couple of degrees cooler than set. It’s also quiet, at 44dB, and requires £67.65 (451kWh at 15p/kWh) per year to run.

In the event of a power cut, it would keep your food safe for at least eight hours. That isn’t the best figure we’ve come across, but it’s good for a more affordable fridge freezer.

At time of review the Beko ASD214S was available for £699.99

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Best side-by-side

Key features:

  • American-style fridge freezer
  • 368-litre fridge, 176-litre freezer
  • H179cm x W91cm x D72cm
  • Electronic touch controls and frost-free operation

The Beko ASGN542B offers a more eye-catching way to keep your food fresh, boasting a sleek, gloss-black finish with an attractive brushed stainless steel control panel. Its A+ energy efficiency rating means it’s incredibly cheap to run at around £45 a year. That’s admirably low considering its colossal size, not to mention its consistent temperature, fan cooling and great feature set.

The ASGN542B has ice and water on tap, dispensing crushed ice or cubes via the door for those sweltering summer days. Its water supply can be plumbed in or fed by an internal tank, which makes it more versatile if you have an awkward kitchen layout.

The control panel comes in handy too, offering up an open door warning, low energy mode selection, and a vividly coloured status indicator bar. The lights disappear when it’s not being used, keeping things looking chic and simple.

The fridge is enormous and well laid out, with fanned air cooling in both compartments and four shelves with adjustable heights. An EverFresh+ feature promises to keep your veg fresh for 30 days, too.

There’s a little space taken up by the ice maker, but overall, you’d need to be running a restaurant if you wanted more storage capacity than this giant can offer. Perfect for big families with even bigger appetites.

Buy Now: Beko ASGN542B Fridge Freezer at Appliances Direct from £633

At time of review the Beko ASGN542B Fridge Freezer was available for £899.00

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Best side-by-side

Key features:

  • French-style fridge freezer, 289 litres fridge space, 2 x 71 litres freezer space
  • H181 x W79.4 x D70cm
  • A+ energy rating
  • Chilled-water container with door dispenser

The Hisense RQ560N4WC1 is an affordable American-style fridge freezer that will make quite the statement in your kitchen. From the in-door water dispenser and touch control LED panel to the stainless-steel finish and frost-free freezer compartment, there are tons of great features crammed into a humble price tag.

The fridge is properly cavernous at 289-litres, with four full-width shelves and two big salad drawers, and the whole fridge area is well lit by two side-mounted bright white LED strips.

Downstairs, two independent compartments can be run at different temperatures to suit the contents. The lower left drawer houses a removable “twist and serve”-style ice cube maker, which is a nice touch.

The fridge and the two freezer compartments all fared well in terms of temperature, with the fridge achieving a narrow spread of temperatures and the freezer compartments proving equally solid performers.

Over the course of a year, we calculated it would use around 290kWh of electricity or approximately £43 at 15p/kWh – which would actually make it closer to A++ for the size.

Buy Now: Hisense RQ560N4WC1 at Appliances Direct from £708

At time of review the Hisense RQ560N4WC1 was available for £749.99

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Best side-by-side

Key features:

  • French-style fridge freezer, 348-litre fridge, 123-litre freezer
  • H177 x W90.8 x D78.8cm
  • Versatile mid-drawer
  • Optimised for bulky items

The Samsung RF24FSEDBSR is a French door fridge freezer, with its large fridge at the top and freezer at the bottom rather than side-by-side.

The 348-litre fridge section is incredibly wide and perfect for storing bulky items, such as a whole turkey or large salmon. What’s more, some of the shelves flip up and pull out, which will help you with awkwardly-shaped bits. There’s also a pair of vegetable storage drawers with individual humidity controls, to help keep your fresh items in tip-top condition.

The versatile mid-drawer with four different temperature settings sits immediately below this, and is great for storing drinks and canapés. However, it eats into the freezer space, which is rather modest at 123 litres. It does glide out on rollers though, which helps you make the most of its capacity.

Performance is flawless. It turned in the most consistent set of temperature results we have yet to see. It’s also really well-insulated, and would keep your food safe for at least 18 hours in the event of a power cut.

You’ll struggle to hear it operating at 39-40dB, though its size means it’ll cost a fairly high £74.85 (499kWh at 15p/kWh) per year.

Buy now: Samsung RF24FSED8SR fromAppliances Direct for £1879 and get it delivered tomorrow

At time of review the Samsung RF24FSEDBSR was available for £1,899.99

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Best side-by-side

Key features:

  • American-style fridge freezer, 394-litre fridge, 176-litre freezer
  • H177.4 x W91.2 x D72.1cm
  • Clever ShowCase door for quick access
  • Plumbed ice and water dispenser
  • A+ energy rating

The Samsung RH57H90507F Food ShowCase does everything a regular American-style fridge freezer does, but better. With a slick look and clad in stainless steel, it’s a kitchen centerpiece too. An LED control panel and minimalist ice and water dispenser sit on the exterior of the freezer door, while the clever ShowCase fridge section offers a slim outer door to quickly view the contents and access items stored in the door pockets.

The fridge section has a capacity of 394 litres, and it’s designed to help you make the most of all the space – the door pockets alone hold as much as a small refrigerator! The freezer is much smaller in comparison, but the 176-litre capacity on offer is still very generous indeed.

Performance is exceptionally consistent, stable and accurate throughout, and it will keep your food safe for around 10 hours after a power outage. It operates at 39dB, which is incredibly quiet, and requires £60.90 (406kWh at 15p/kWh) per year to keep it going. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it if you want the very best.

At time of review the Samsung RH57H90507F Food ShowCase was available for £2,000

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