Best Doctor Who Toys 2020: 16 top gifts for budding Time Lords

What better way to sate your thirst for Doctor Who than with this selection of Time Lord-themed prezzies?

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Doctor Who Series 10 Blu-ray

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Peter Capaldi’s swansong is probably his finest hour, working with some of the best scripts as the Twelfth Doctor and a sparky pair of companions in Pearl Mackie’s Bill and Matt Lucas’ Nardole. The two-part season finale, with John Simm returning as the Master alongside Michelle Gomez’s Missy, is a particular highlight.

Extras in this bumper Blu-ray release include deleted scenes, audio commentary, documentaries, and a “Becoming the Companion” feature following Pearl Mackie as she joins the TARDIS team. The episode “Knock, Knock” also get a binaural audio mix – which creates a surround sound effect when listening with headphones.

Buy now: Doctor Who The Complete Series 10 Blu-Ray for only £37.99

Doctor Who: Shada Blu-ray

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Filmed partially in 1979 and abandoned because of strike action at the BBC, Shada is a lost classic from Tom Baker’s tenure as the Doctor.

Written by Douglas Adams at the height of his powers, the plot mashes up high-concept sci-fi with Adams’ trademark whimsy; the author later reused elements of its story for his novel Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

This special release combines the existing footage shot for the story with newly commissioned animated reconstructions, voiced by the original cast.

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Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet DVD

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2017’s Doctor Who Christmas Special was a bit of a treat for fans – the action wove in and out of the events of the First Doctor’s final story, The Tenth Planet.

Director Rachel Talalay shot reconstructions of the 1966 story, with David Bradley standing in for original star William Hartnell. So what better time to acquaint yourself with Hartnell’s swansong?

It even has an appropriately snowy setting, with clunky 1960s Cybermen invading an Antarctic research base. The BBC managed to lose the final episode back in the 1970s, so for this DVD release it’s been painstakingly reconstructed using animation matched to the original audio.

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Doctor Who: Spare Parts audio books

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While the Doctor vanished from our TV screens in the 1990s, his adventures continued in a series of audio plays from Big Finish Productions. Spare Parts is one of its finest efforts, with Fifth Doctor Peter Davison discovering the terrible secret behind the origin of the Cybermen.

With its wintry setting and spooky sing-song Mondasian Cybermen – the same ones that menaced Peter Capaldi in this year’s season finale – it’s the perfect appetiser for the Christmas Special. It even has a Christmas tree in it.

This special vinyl release is limited to 500 copies, so you’d better be quick.

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The Tenth Doctor Adventures volume 2

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Audio producer Big Finish Productions has managed to drag David Tennant and Billie Piper away from the West End and into the recording studio, with the pair reprising their roles as the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler.

This run of three new adventures – released in a rather swish slipcase that will go nicely under the tree – pits the heroes against Ice Warriors, alien slavers in the 18th century, and Rose’s inimitable mum, Jackie.

LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who Level Pack

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Sadly, the spectacular LEGO Ideas TARDIS set has been discontinued, presumably pending a redesign for when Jodie Whittaker takes over as the Thirteenth Doctor. So for your Doctor Who LEGO fix you’ll have to turn to the Dimensions game. This Level Pack includes Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor, a TARDIS and robot dog K-9, immortalised in brick form.

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Now We Are Six Hundred: A Collection of Time Lord Verse

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This little book of Time Lord-themed poetry by James Goss is paired up with illustrations by former Doctor Who showrunner, Russell T Davies.

It turns out that as well as penning the revival of Doctor Who, Davies is also an accomplished artist – he started out his career wanting to draw comic strips – and his cartoons of the show’s heroes and villains burst with character.

Buy Now: Doctor Who: Now We Are Six Hundred: A Collection of Time Lord Verse (DR Who)

Dr. Tenth: Christmas Surprise!

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The estate of Roger Hargreaves has teamed up with the BBC to produce these Mr Men pastiches starring Doctor Who. We’ve already had the likes of “Dr Fourth” and “Dr First”. Now it’s David Tennant’s turn, in this festive confection that is sure to liven up any Who fan’s stocking.

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The Pirate Planet

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Back in the 1970s, Douglas Adams – yes, that Douglas Adams, the author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – wrote a run of Doctor Who stories that are considered among the show’s best. Unaccountably, the BBC failed to get Adams to adapt them for print, as it did with every other story back then. So, in recent years it’s enlisted a succession of authors to produce novelisations.

In this adventure, Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor lands on a planet that travels around the galaxy draining other planets’ resources. It’s a typically bold sci-fi story from Adams, leavened with his trademark wit – which author James Goss ably translates to the page.

Goss was given special access to Adams’ archive, drawing on his notes and original teleplay to expand on the broadcast version of the story with new (old) dialogue and scenes. So even for the fan who’s seen the original story, this novelisation serves up some surprises.

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Replica Sonic Screwdriver

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Made by the actual prop makers who produce the gadgets and gizmos for the TV show, this painstakingly accurate replica of the Fourth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver resembles the on-screen prop in every respect bar one – it actually makes the noise. It also costs a whopping £350, which is ironic when you consider that the original prop was cobbled together using odds and sods from old episodes of Gerry Anderson shows.

If you fancy something more up to date, Rubbertoe Replicas also produces replicas of the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors’ sonic screwdrivers, and even a miniature TARDIS.

Buy now: Rubbertoe Replicas 4th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver

Cheaper option: Replica Sonic Screwdriver for only £11.99

Twelfth Doctor sonic screwdriver

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If your budget doesn’t stretch to painstakingly constructed replica props, this light-up toy version of Peter Capaldi’s sonic screwdriver should liven up Christmas morning no end. With flashing green and blue lighting and four realistic whirring sound effects, it’s sure to delight kids and drive parents mad within hours of receipt.

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TARDIS door mat

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For the fan who wants to make it absolutely clear to new visitors where they stand on Doctor Who, this door mat also functions as a bleak satirical comment on the state of the UK housing market.

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TARDIS slippers

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It’s your birthday, you excitedly rip open your presents, and – disaster! – it’s slippers. The gift of the terminally unimaginative.

Unless, of course, they’re these TARDIS slipper boots, with faux-suede exterior (mmm… tactile yet ethical) and fluffy lining. Unlike the TARDIS itself, these aren’t bigger on the inside. In fact, sizes run a little small, so consider going large.

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River Song Journal

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Moleskine journals are go-to prezzies for the literary set, but while there’s a brace of official Game of Thrones and Lego-branded notebooks, Doctor Who has yet to get one.

Not to worry, though: the BBC has seen fit to create its own journal, based on River Song’s diary from the show. Fill it with spoilers, sweetie.

Buy Now: Doctor Who River Song Journal for only £29.95

Doctor Who mugs

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A lot of officially licensed merchandise is, frankly, tat that’s been awkwardly crammed into a police box shape.

The same can’t be said for this rather snazzy minimalist range of crockery, which combines the icons of the series (Daleks! TARDISes!) with bold designs that won’t look out of place in your minimalist Scandi kitchen.

If you want to go the whole hog, there’s an accompanying range of egg cups, jugs and espresso cups in the same style.

Buy Now: BBC Doctor Who mugs (pack of 4) for only £16.95

Exterminate! The Miniatures Game

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Doctor Who’s always been a bit of a tricky proposition for those hoping to adapt it to wargames and video games. On the one hand, there are hordes of monsters and action-adventure thrills; on the other, its hero is a pacifist who battles superior odds using his wits, rather than weapons.

Wisely, Warlord Games has sidelined the Doctor himself with this turn-based miniature wargame. Instead, it takes the form of a battle royale between Daleks and Cybermen, played out on a colourful board using cards. Beats Christmas Day Cluedo, any day.

Be warned, though, these games can turn into an expensive hobby. Booster packs add miniatures from the classic and new series, including Zygons, Davros and a brace of Doctors.

Buy Now: Doctor Who – Exterminate! The Miniatures Game (Warlord Games) by £49.99